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AVI format, with a resolution no larger than x pixels, and frame rate not greater than 15 frames per second. Place the desired. Start the game, go to "Options" menu, select "Music Settings", then choose radio station. Select which songs you want the radio to play. Start writing novels on your computer. Write fiction novels as they take the least amount of time. They will not bring you too much Simoleons. When you write, your skill will automatically advance.

The most money can be made from "Romance Novels".

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You will get royalties for six weeks once you finish a book. With the "Writing" skill maxed out, you can make approximately 40, Simoleons every week, which is more than the 34, Simoleons you can get by purchasing all neighborhood businesses, and takes less time to achieve.

In three game weeks you should have a very high speed writing, 9 or 10 novels as best sellers, and , Simoleons. No matter how many times you use an object, if you sell it the same day you got it you can get all your money back. If your Sim is poor and needs body points or something else, buy a body machine and keep selling it back to get a refund of all your money.

Have a Sim sit down and watch television. Switch the TV over to one of the previously mentioned channels so that the Sim can start earning his or her skill point.

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Then, have a second Sim go over and start playing video games. Notice that although the TV is displaying video games, the first Sim still has the skill meter above their head. Allow this Sim to sit there for as long as they please until they decide to do another activity of their own. After that, the skill meter should stay above their head until you start another Cooking, Fishing, or Gardening skill activity. As an added bonus, you can train two skill points at once. For example, work out and both the Athletic and Cooking skills will continue to rise.

If you keep repeating the steps until each skill channel has been viewed, the Sim will keep learning the three skills as he or she goes on about their daily life, and four when doing skill activities. Buy a bookcase, then have your Sim begin to study. Interrupt the action so that the book is placed on the ground. Sell the bookcase. The book can now do everything the bookcase could have done for free. To increase the chance of having twins or triplets, have one or both parents have the lifetime reward of Fertility Treatment.

Set one of your female Sim's traits to Kleptomaniac.

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  • Go to the graveyard, and have the Sim steal male remains. On the second day after putting the male remains in your home, a ghost will appear at It will appear every other day. Socialize with the ghost every night it appears. When you become best friends with the ghost, it will begin appearing every night. Get the "Fertility" reward. Confess your attraction to the ghost. Ask to snuggle on the bed, and kiss him. Try for a baby every night until you start throwing up. You will now have a ghost baby that you can control.

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    Go to the graveyard, click on all the tombstones, and take all possible tombstones. Return to your house, and place them somewhere in your backyard. Buy a guitar. Play it to learn how to play guitar. When you have that ability, go to the park with the guitar in your inventory.

    When you are in the park, click the guitar in your inventory, and select "Play For Tips". People watching you will become your friends if you keep playing. The higher your guitar skill, the faster they will become friends with you. Instead of using a cheat code to toggle "aging on" and "aging off" like in The Sims 2 , you can de-activate the age in "Game Options" under "Options".

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    When you uncheck the box next to "Aging", your Sims will no longer become older. You can also slow aging down in this menu by setting the "Lifetime" bar.

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