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To do this. Open Visual Basic. Fill Down. Fill Right. Insert cells. Delete cells. Calculate all open workbooks. Close window. Quit Excel. Paste Special. New blank workbook. New workbook from template. Select All. Add or remove a filter.

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Minimize or maximize the ribbon tabs. Check spelling. Open the thesaurus. Print preview. Many keyboards assign special functions to function keys, by default. Some Windows keyboard shortcuts conflict with the corresponding default Mac OS keyboard shortcuts. To use these shortcuts, you may have to change your Mac keyboard settings to change the Show Desktop shortcut for the key. Clear the check box for the keyboard shortcut that you want to use.

Expand or minimize the ribbon. Switch to full screen view. Switch to the next application. Switch to the previous application. Close the active workbook window. Copy the image of the screen and save it to a Screen Shot file on your desktop. Minimize the active window. Maximize or restore the active window. Hide Excel. Move to the next box, option, control, or command.

Move to the previous box, option, control, or command. Exit a dialog or cancel an action. Perform the action assigned to the default command button the button with the bold outline, often the OK button. Cancel the command and close. Move one cell up, down, left, or right. Move to the edge of the current data region. Move to the beginning of the row. Move to the beginning of the sheet. Move to the last cell in use on the sheet.

Move down one screen. Move up one screen. Move one screen to the right. Move one screen to the left. Move to the next sheet in the workbook. Move to the previous sheet in the workbook. Scroll to display the active cell. Access search when in a cell or when a cell is selected. Move between unlocked cells on a protected sheet.

Edit the selected cell. Complete a cell entry and move forward in the selection. Start a new line in the same cell. Fill the selected cell range with the text that you type. Complete a cell entry and move up in the selection. Complete a cell entry and move to the right in the selection. Complete a cell entry and move to the left in the selection.

Apply or remove strikethrough formatting

Cancel a cell entry. Delete the character to the left of the insertion point, or delete the selection. Delete the character to the right of the insertion point, or delete the selection Note: Some smaller keyboards do not have this key. Delete text to the end of the line Note: Move one character up, down, left, or right. Move to the beginning of the line.

Insert a comment. Open and edit a cell comment. Fill down. Fill to the right.

How To Do A Strikethrough In Excel

Define a name. Edit the active cell and then clear it, or delete the preceding character in the active cell as you edit the cell contents. Complete a cell entry. Enter a formula as an array formula. Cancel an entry in the cell or formula bar. Display the Formula Builder after you type a valid function name in a formula. Insert a hyperlink. Edit the active cell and position the insertion point at the end of the line.

Open the Formula Builder. Calculate the active sheet. Display a contextual menu. Start a formula. Toggle the formula reference style between absolute, relative, and mixed. Insert the AutoSum formula. Enter the date. Enter the time. Copy the value from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the formula bar. Alternate between displaying cell values and displaying cell formulas. Copy a formula from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the formula bar. Display the AutoComplete list. Create a table. Insert a line break in a cell.

Insert special characters like symbols, including emoji.

How to strikethrough in Excel

Increase font size. Decrease font size. Align center. Align left. Apply the general number format. In case you are planning to use a strikethrough to cross out the completed tasks or activities in a checklist or to-do list, you may want Excel to do it for you automatically as you enter some text in a related cell, for example "done": The task can be easily accomplished with Excel Conditional Formatting:.

Instead of defining a task status with text, you can insert checkboxes , link them to some cells which you can hide later and base your conditional formatting rule on the value in the linked cells TRUE is a checkbox is checked, FALSE if not checked.

As the result, Excel will check off the completed tasks automatically depending on whether the checkbox is selected or not. If you'd like to create something similar in your worksheets, the detailed steps can be found here: How to create a checklist with conditional formatting.

If you are not allergic to using VBA in your Excel worksheets, you can apply strikethrough on all selected cells with this line of code:. The step-by-step instructions on how to insert VBA code in Excel can be found here. In Excel Online, the strikethrough option is exactly where you'd expect to find it - next to the other formatting buttons on the Home tab, in the Font group: However, there's a fly in the ointment - it's not possible to select non-adjacent cells or ranges in Excel Online.

So, if you need to cross out multiple entries in different parts of your sheet, you will have to select each cell or a range of contiguous cells individually, and then click the strikethrough button. A quick way to strikethrough text in Excel for Mac is by using this keyboard shortcut: It can also be done from the Format Cells dialog in the same way as in Excel for Windows:. If strikethrough is added by a conditional formatting rule, then you need to remove that rule to get rid of strikethrough.

For more information, please see How to delete conditional formatting rules in Excel. That's how you can add and remove the strikethrough formatting in Excel. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week! Evening, I have a Mac and are using Numbers to create my spread sheet. I am trying to create a automatic scratch out for Items that are marked automatically as "paid" so i don't have to go in each time and cross them out my self.

I have a mortgage payment of and when I type in the payment cell i have a cell that will automatically mark "Paid" I would like the payment owed to be crossed out when it switches from owed to paid. Could you offer any solutions? E-mail not published. How to do strikethrough in Excel Excel strikethrough shortcut Apply strikethrough via format options Add a strikethrough button to Quick Access Toolbar Add a strikethrough button to Excel ribbon Cross out text automatically with conditional formatting Do strikethrough with VBA How to strikethrough text in Excel Online How to do strikethrough in Excel for Mac How to remove strikethrough in Excel How to strikethrough in Excel To ensure that everyone is on the same page, let's define the term first.

Excel strikethrough shortcut Want to have the job done as quickly as possible? Press a hotkey or key combination.

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Apply strikethrough via cell format options Another quick way to draw a line through a cell value in Excel is by using the Format Cells dialog. Here's how: Select one or more cells on which you want to apply the strikethrough format. In the Format Cells dialog box, go to the Font tab, and tick off the Strikethrough option under Effects.

Click OK to save the change and close the dialog. Add a strikethrough button to Quick Access Toolbar If you think that the above method requires too many steps, add the strikethrough button to the Quick Access Toolbar to always have it at your fingertips. Click the small arrow in the upper left corner of the Excel window, and then click More Commands… Under Choose commands from , select Commands Not in the Ribbon , then select Strikethrough in the list of commands, and click the Add button.

This will add Strikethrough to the list of commands on the right pane, and you click OK: Put a strikethrough button onto Excel ribbon If your Quick Access Toolbar is reserved only for the most frequently used commands, which strikethrough is not, place it onto the ribbon instead. As with QAT, it's also one-time setup, performed in this way: Right-click anywhere on the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon… from the pop-up menu: Since new buttons can only be added to custom groups, let's create one.

For this, select the target tab Home in our case and click the New Group button. Then, click Rename… to name the newly created group to your liking, say My Formats: With the new group selected, perform the already familiar steps: Click OK to save the changes, and find the Strikethrough button on your Excel ribbon: By using Up and Down arrows in the Excel Options dialog box, you can move your custom group with the Strikethrough button to any position on the ribbon: Sub ApplyStrikethrough Selection. One Response to "How to strikethrough in Excel" Kerstin says: June 7, at Post a comment Click here to cancel reply.

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