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Full Description A pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for outlining lips or colouring them in. They are available in a wide selection of colours that each work well with many different lipstick shades. Features a smooth and creamy formula Features a texture that won't skip or drag Applies quickly and precisely.

Apply before lipstick by lining your lips using the pencil tip for a defined lip look with long-lasting colour. Try a shade slightly deeper than your lipstick and blend with a brush for a fuller lip look. Swatches Shade Names Filter. All Best Seller. Add To Favourites. See Favourites! Add to Bag. Temporarily out of stock. Add to cart and we will ship as soon as this item becomes available. Coming soon. Sorry, this item is inactive. Sold Out. Free Returns on all Orders. Shop 45 Shades Temporarily out of stock.

Add to Bag Temporarily out of stock. As part of the beautyheaven rewards program, all members receive 5 points for each review they submit. I have this lip liner in a few shades. My favourite shade is subculture. It is such a natural my lips but better colour. I use it under lipstick or on its on. When I use it on its own I line my lips and then fill them in. Using my finger or a brush I do blend out the product for a really natural feathered look. It can help if you want to make your lips look bigger. It can sometimes be a bit drying I find but if your lips are well hydrated and moisturised it works pretty well.

Great love range lip liner, I love the natural nude shade shades especially whirl and spice alot of the time I just wear these liners all over the lips and not apply anything because I love the shade that much , there lasting power is amazing and exactly what I want.

Something I do wish they were a little bit soft and gentle making it not so hard to apply but then I like it because I know it's not going to bleed. Either way I would recommend. My MAC lip liner in Whirl has always applied smoothly, sharpened easily and has a creamy texture. It is worth noting that if you have dry cracked lips, this liner will not mask it. On days when I have had chapped lips, this liner has felt dry, however there are probably few liners that would be moisturising; considering the job of a liner is to stay put.

MAC liners aren't the cheapest, and in my opinion are probably only worth their cost due to the extensive colour range. I definitely think there are comparable drug store lip liners e. Rimmel and Maybelline that perform just as well. In the future I wont be going out of my way to repurchase a MAC liner. In my opinion the gold standard of all lip liners are those from Charlotte Tilbury, which are expensive but I find to be more moisturising than other liners I have tried.

The pencils are not thick or bulky. There is a huge range of colour to match any lipsticks or any colour you want to use. These lip pencils can feel slightly drier on the lips. They do smooth over the lips quite easily but are very matte like in texture and drier. A decent lip pencil from MAC. I don't typically use pencil liners as I normally find them very harsh when lining the lips and instead opt for a crayon type of liner but I have fallen in love this this lip pencil! This is so creamy for a lip pencil, not harsh at all when lining lips. The colors I use are nice and pigmented, and work well under lip products or on their own.

They last quite well, I would say 3 hours for me before I need to reapply.

MAC Subculture Lip Liner | Review & Swatch

My absolute favorite color is 'dervish', my go to nude! MAC's lip pencils are seriously disappointing. They do make some really gorgeous colours but unfortunately they are so dry that it's difficult to get any colour on your lips at all. I have the shades Whirl and Subculture, both are these shades are really nice, warm nude shades that I wish I could actually apply on my lips! Instead of wasting your money on these, I'd go for MAC's pro longwear lip pencils.

They are so creamy and pigmented and they last for ages! I've owned several mac lip liners, from nude to pinks to a beautiful plum. The liners are encased in wood and you have to sharpen the pencil with a sharpner. You can protect the liners with a plastic cap provided. The liners are creamy, pigment and comfortably glide on my lips during application. I apply it on my lips on its own or under lipgloss.

I also apply it under lipstick to keep the lip colour in place. It lasts on the lips for a couple of hours and through eating and drinking.

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Mac has a diverse range of colours and theres always a colour suitable for your skin tone and tastes. I own the lipliner in Soar - the colour that was sold out for about a year because Kylie Jenner wore it! It is a beautiful mauve pink colour that really makes the lips look fuller.

It has a slightly 90s vibe but is very wearable. I use it by itself, under lipstick and even over lip colours. It brings a chic , everyday, classy colour to all my lip combinations. Apart from the colour, I also love the formulation. It is smooth and doesn't tug on my lips. The liner is quite long so it will last a long time. I will definitely be buying some more colours.

MAC Subculture Lip Liner | Review & Swatch | xameliax

This is soft and smooth to apply and it leaves a creamy matte finish so it's great to use on my lips that are starting to get fine vertical lines. It never settles in the lines and somehow seems to keep the edges of my lips hydrated. I have this in the colour "Soar" which is a natural pinky tone but still gives my lips 'pow' and defines the edges really easily.

My top 5 MAC nude lipstick & lipliner combinations for medium brown/indian skintone - Sabrina Anijs

This colour could be great for both day and night use and is quite a versatile colour - it could be used with lots of different lipstick shades. There is lots of pigment in this creamy formula and that makes it easy to draw the edge of my lips with it. I absolutely love MAC lip liners! They are really creamy and application is really easy. The colour stay is incredible, I often completely fill my lips in and use them as a lip stick. They are easy to sharpen, and they last a long time.

I honestly cannot fault this product. These lip liners are the best I have ever used! Along with the lipsticks these lip liners are so creamy, easy to use, long wearing and don't break off! And good for overdrawing your lips if your into that. I have the shade whirl which is an amazing deep brown, and spice which you can use alongside any nude brown velvet teddy works great! I have the shade whirl as it matches most of the colours I whould wear its a neautral rose colour goes on smooth dosnt dry out my lips and lasts a long time you do need to sharpen it but I don't mind that they do last a long time the pencils and they are quite large compared to other brands of lip pencils dosnt tug either you can do a fine line or build it up works always the pencil hasn't broken on me either when I sharpen it wich I was worried about it really m,akes a difference I never used a lip pencil before I got my whirl one.

Mac lip liners are amazing! I have the lip pencil in the shade Whirl and i absolutely love it. It's very creamy and goes on so smooth that it doesn't dry my lips out either which i love! Great quality product, would highly recommend. I absolutely love this lip liner! It is easy to use, glides on really smoothly and comes off easily with make up remover unlike some lip liners I've owned in the past. The range of colours is endless and they are all of such good quality and pigmentation that I could never buy any other brand.

I bought the shade Spice and the formula is super creamy and hydrating for a lip pencil and it's also super pigmented which is great because you don't even need to pair a lipstick with it. There are several reasons why these are absolutely incredible! Firstly, they are so creamy! I own spice, whirl and soar and I can't get enough of them! MAC whirl lip pencil is a dusty-rose, pink-brown color that will be suitable for many different skin tones, from the very light to medium-deep. It has a great pigmentation and applies almost like a dream.

If you do chose to wear this liner on its own, keep in mind that you have to use a very light hand and that the finish will be very, very matte.

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These are a drier kind of lip liner which means they are excellent for defining lips and have better staying power than creamier lip pencils. MAC has a great range of colours but there are comparable shades and textures in cheaper brands - I was so annoyed to buy Cherry liner and find it is exactly the same shade as my Australis pencil in Lady In Red. If I had known that I would have chosen a different shade. MAC has an especially good range of neutral colours and it is easy to find one to suit all skin tones.

They are not the best pencil for using all over the lips as they emphasise dryness, I prefer a creamier lip pencil for that.

They definitely increase the lasting power of lipstick and last for a long time because they do not wear down as quickly as creamy pencils. I like them but I think you can find pencils just as good that cost less, just not with the same variety of shades. They're super pigmented and go on very easily. They are drying if you haven't prepped your lips by exfoliating and applying lip balm prior to application.