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If 'test' is a symbolic link, it resolves it before adding it. Any ideas on how to stop it doing that?

Quickly Add Items To The Dock Or Finder Sidebar [OS X Tip] | Cult of Mac

Xiao Try adding the path manually by editing the plist discussed in the link in my previous comment. Drag and Drop Dragging and dropping the folder use to work for me, but seems to be largely hit and miss these days. For me I'm usually adding network folders and these sometimes don't drag too well.

If it does, and the horizontal bar appears in Favourites where you would like, then well and good.

How to find your Mac's Home folder (and add it to Finder)

If not, try the following options: Keyboard Shortcut: That now opens a new tab. Finder "File" menu There is an option on the finder menu to "Add to Sidebar" and you can see the keyboard shortcut listed to the right When the above don't work Often I find that I can't drag and drop the folder to the sidebar and this can be frustrating, and going to the File menu sees the "Add to sidebar" as disabled or greyed out.

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For me, the scenario was: I had a network share I wanted to add to Favourites I'd brought up the particular folder in the navigation area of Finder but every time I dragged it to Favourites, it would only allow me to Drop it onto an existing folder I opened the carat to a subfolder and attempted to drag that in and the horizontal bar appeared I pressed ESC , re-selected the parent folder and dropped it in the desired Favourites position And all was right with the world: Madivad Madivad 6 Mateusz Szlosek Ah, Sorry.

My OSX is mountain lion F Schroder F Schroder 1. Don't worry, though; the item itself is still safe in its original location.

Finder Sidebar on Your Mac [Customize]

Only the sidebar alias is incinerated. If you don't mind forgoing the dramatic puff of smoke, you can remove an item from the Finder sidebar by right-clicking on the item and selecting Remove from Sidebar in the pop-up menu.

macOS Sierra: Customize the Finder toolbar and sidebar

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated October 29, Open a Finder window by clicking its icon in the Dock. Click the Sidebar tab in the Preferences window. Place or remove a check, as appropriate, from each item in the list of items in the sidebar.