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You just select the cell That has a preexisting formula result in it, you want to highlight in bright yellow the cells that are between 0. You dont have to know a formula, you can just choose 'between' and filli n the two numbers, or choose 'not equal to' and fill in TRUE, or choose 'greater than or equal to' and fill in the number, and you can add a rule if you want more than one to apply, up to three rules, I think.

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You can then copy the cell and paste that format using paste formats to a different sheet or to different cells or columns. I cant find this procedure at all in excel Additionally all this required drilling down through several menus rather than just going straight to the conditional formatting wizard that had all the options on the first view.

Can someone tell me how I can do this in Excel and is there a quicker way than going through all the the menus several selections and drop downs where there used to be only 2 or three So in the only procedure i can find is: I know I'm missing something basic so can someone explain it to me, please? I use this a LOT at work to highlight statistical results or other calculated results from exported data from other software.

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Do I have to go back to office ?? I overlooked that option because I thought it meant it would only assess and apply the conditional formatting rule to a subset of cells within the selection based on some criteria and not assess the excluded cells within the selection , when I thought what I wanted was for it to assess all cells within the selection using the rule.

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I've had a play with that option and I think it will do everything I need. I just misunderstood the wording. Need to learn Excel quickly? If I wanted to edit a bank statement and color the amounts according to whether they are credit or debet which is the next column. How could I do that?

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Dragging the Autofill on the first amount left me with a column of the same amounts…. When you use the Autofill Handle, it will overwrite the content BUT immediately click on the little Smarttag that appears.

If you google it, I saw someone combine an IF statement with a Macro that assigns numerical values to cell fills. Name required.

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Email will not be published required. Leave this field empty. It is a simple macro that I found online that does exactly what you need. Try Google and see if it is available for Mac.

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Create a new column at the end. Assume you are looking at column A for duplicates and the data starts at row 1. The formula in the new column would look like this: If I've understood you correctly, this should fix it: Now Excel has filtered the data, and you should be able to just copy it out. Mac Office , Excel 9 posts.

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How to use Conditional Formatting in Excel 2008

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